Rail Yard Place


The former rail yard site was owned by Union Pacific and sourced directly through Union Pacific to Ownership after tracking the property for more than 7 years.   The site consists of 10 acres of vacant former rail yard land that was zoned for industrial yet located within San Jose’s Downtown Strategy area.  Zoning and General Plan allowed only industrial uses but because of more than a decade of experience in San Jose and deep local relationships, Ownership obtained confidence that residential uses were achievable on the site.


Ownership completed a full design for 476 apartments and 220,000 SF of office and submitted the planning application within 6 months of acquiring the property.  With the design and density as a positive backdrop for change, the City amended the General Plan to allow mixed use development on the former industrial-only land.  Ownership continues to work through the land issues while pursuing entitlements.


200 Ryland Avenue, San Jose, CA


10 Acres


Land (Development planned for 476 apartments and 220,000 Square Feet of office)


July 2015


Pursuing Entitlements